Plenary 2 - Safer Pharma: Sustainable supply chains and multi-stakeholder solutions

Pharmaceuticals provide many benefits to human and animal health - their production, use, and disposal, however, present a threat to ecosystems worldwide. Pharmaceuticals in the environment are now a global problem – more than 600 pharmaceuticals and their metabolites have been found in the environment worldwide: they enter the environment (through water, soil, sludge, and organisms) at all stages of their life cycle and can end up in drinking water, and accumulate in fish, vegetables, and livestock.

With an expected increase in medicine consumption in Europe - due to a higher demand from ageing populations and a general growing dependence on pharmaceutical drugs, pharmaceuticals are a priority area for environmental health.

This is a global problem that requires global solutions; reducing pharmaceutical pollution requires a multi-stakeholder approach - involving industry, procurers, and regulators.

In this plenary session, pharmaceuticals in the environment will be covered from this multi-stakeholder perspective, with a particular focus on fostering more sustainable supply chains that protect human health and the environment.

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Nicolai Schaaf, Programme Manager, Stockholm International Water Institute, SIWI (Sweden)


 Tackling pharmaceutical manufacturing emissions: Shared responsibilities and the case of antimicrobial assistance

Nicolai Schaaf, Programme Manager with the Stockholm International Water Institute, (SIWI) (Sweden), is responsible for SIWI’s work on water and pharmaceuticals, leading projects and stakeholder dialogue focusing on sustainable supply chains and procurement of pharmaceuticals, especially in the context of antibiotics and antibiotic resistance. Nicolai will speak about linking supply chains, procurement and regulation for sustainable production of pharmaceuticals, and a governance approach for mutually supportive solutions.


Maria van der Heijden, CEO, CSR Netherlands


 Sustainable supply chains

Maria is the driving force of MVO Nederland (CSR Netherlands), Europe’s largest sustainable business network. With over 2500 companies and 60 colleagues, she works passionately on sustainable innovations, improving existing value chains and lobbies for ambitious CSR policies supporting a sustainable economy. 



Alba Tiley, Head of Sustainable Antibiotics Program, DSM Sinochem Pharmaceuticals


Alba is based in the Netherlands at DSM Sinochem Pharmaceuticals, a generic pharmaceutical company specialized in antibiotics. In her role as Head of the Sustainable Antibiotics Program she advocates for important sustainability and health topics such as the threat of antimicrobial resistance (AMR).




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