Market Lounge

The Market Lounge format is a 15 minutes presentation from a single presenter followed by a 10 minutes discussion with the speaker and the other 10 participants. The presentations are given simultaneously, and once concluded, participants will change tables and hear a further two more presentations in the same format.

With a faster pace than a parallel session, the Market Lounge encourages brevity/efficient dialogue and gives you an opportunity for a more detailed conversation with great networking opportunities.

The Market Lounge will take place on Thursday 11th October from 13:30 - 15:00 and CleanMed Europe staff will be on hand to help run the session. 


  1. Accreditation:  to a Sustainable Reduction in Pollution from Medical Waste - J Andrew Maddigan Senior Maneger/ Corporate Communications - Accreditation Commission for Health Care International

  2. Lowering Your Hospital’s Environmental Footprint with Remanufacturing of Single-Use Medical Devices - Daniel Vukelich, President and CEO -  Association of Medical Device Reprocessors

  3. Synergies for safety and sustainability of inhalational anaesthetics - Paul Scheepers, Associate professor - Radboudumc

  4. Safe and sustainable use of formaldehyde in anatomy facilities - Martien Graumans, PhD student - Radboudumc

  5. Safe and sustainable alternatives to plasticizers with health concerns in medical devices - Arné Oerlemans, PhD student - Radboudumc

  6. Friendly Materials - Ritta Barata Castro, Friendly MateriaLs Manager, architect - PMMT Forward Thinking Healthcare Architecture

  7. Green team introducing sustainability in the OR - Hans Friedericy, Consultant Anesthesiologist - Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum 

  8. Sustainable pharmaceuticals – a challenge for suppliers, buyers and regulators alike - Nicolai Schaaf, Programme Officer - Stockholm International Water Institute

  9. Dangerous goods and ADR regulation in Healthcare, Gunter Brems, Director -  Envicas

  10. Sharing economy put into practice for healthy healthcare, Lieke van Kerkhoven, Co-Founder - FLOOW2 Healthcare

  11. Green Infrastructure on Hospital Campuses for Climate Resilience and Healing Environments,  David Brasfield - Environmental Manager - Sunnaas Rehabilitation Hospital
  12. The Sustainable Healthcare Coalition and Greenhouse Gas Accounting: Sector Guidance for Pharmaceutical Products and Medical Devices, Keith Moore, Programme Coordinator - Sustainable Healthcare Coalition

  13. Brain Food: Food for the Brain Foundation and Nutritional Psychology in the European Health Care System, Sarah Diamond,  Nutritional Psychology and Content Strategy Intern - Food for the Brain

  14. A Cleaner Hospital A Cleaner Environment. Significantly Affecting the Quality of the Patient’s Environment and Safety, Peter Kelly, International Commercial Waste & Wastewater – Director Biodegradable, Biobased and Green Chemicals Materials - Pharmafilter BV

  15. Sustainable care pathway analysis (TKR case study), Dominika Domanska, Manager of Sustainability & Engagement - Johnson & Johnson

  16. Healthcare plastics: Challenges and solutions for recycling of non-infected medical packaging [HPRC workshop follow-up], Speaker TBC - HPRC 

  17. Innovate with us to develop the sustainable procurement index for health, Mirjana Milic - SPIH

  18. SAICM 2.O Disinfectants used in Healthcare, Manfred Klade - Bureau for Chemical Engineering Klade and Arianna Gamba, Procurement Policy and Projects Officer - HCWH Europe 

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