C5 | Waste prevention and reduction

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 Presentation: Care Without Carbon: A Journey Through Waste and Time

Speaker: Oliver Slaughter, Sustainability Manager - Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust

Oliver is a Sustainability Manager within the Care Without Carbon team at Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust, with a background in Environmental Science and research knowledge of behaviour change principles. Oli is jointly responsible for waste management at the trust alongside work to improve and measure staff wellbeing. Most recently Oli has begun work to measure the trusts supply chain carbon footprint and work alongside suppliers and the procurement team to measure and reduce carbon impact from the supply of goods and services, closing the loop between procurement and waste to pursue a circular economy model for healthcare.


Presentation: Guidelines and factors of success for waste prevention

Speaker: Kristina De Geer, Environmental Strategist - Region Skåne

Kristina De Geer is an environmental strategist in Region Skåne. The Region Skåne is the self-governing authority of Skåne in the South of Sweden. Region Skåne´s competencies include health and medical services with 8 hospitals, regional development, public transport, culture, and interregional cooperation. Region Skåne aims to meet the challenges of the future in the area of the environment by bold initiative in the areas of energy and transportation, medical devices, sustainable use of resources, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Kristina has a BSC degree which has been added to by subsequent university studies in environmental science and business administration. Kristina has worked in a strategic way, in over 20 years, with environmental issues and reducing carbon footprint together with leaders and employees with a focus to give the best professional Healthcare for the patients with respect to the environment.


 Presentation: MC³: Material cycles from care by Care

Speaker: Herman Devriese, Environmental Coordinator - UZ Leuven

Herman Devriese is head of the department “Prevention & Environment in UZ Leuven, a renowned Belgian hospital”. In cooperation with his team, he is supporting the management team and every collaborator in the hospital in order to control the occupational and environmental risks in the hospital and to ameliorate the safety and health of hospital staff, their patients and all the visitors. As an Environmental Coordinator, Herman Devriese is also involved in looking for new opportunities to reduce the amount of waste in this hospital or looking for better solutions for recycling.


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