B1 | System level approaches to sustainable healthcare

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 Presentation: Environmental coordination in Flemish hospitals

Speaker: Tomas Delimon, External Environmental Coordinator - Envicas

Tomas Delimon has been Environmental Consultant for more than 15 years and he is currently employed at ENVICAS. The consultant company has more than 20 hospitals in the portfolio. In that character, Tomas is a counselor about environmental affairs at the federation ZORGNET-ICURO, which is the representation of all the hospitals (public and private) in Flanders (Belgium). In several hospitals, he is appointed as an environmental coordinator. Since 2003 he is also a board member of VMx vzw (association of Flemish environmental professionals). As an author in journals and knowledge databases, he gives information about local environmental issues and teaches about it.


 Presentation: The benefits of a system-level approach to delivering sustainable healthcare 

Speaker: Will Clark, Director of Environment & Transformation - Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust

Will Clark has 18 years of experience working in the environment and sustainability sectors. He has worked in the NHS since 2010, where he has developed the multi-award-winning sustainable healthcare programme Care Without Carbon for Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust (SCFT). He now runs the largest specialist sustainability services team working in the health sector in the UK. The team continues to develop the Care Without Carbon programme at SCFT and also supports other healthcare organisations to develop and deliver their own successful strategies.


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