Parallel session speakers


Aumônier, Simon | Partner - Environmental Resources Management


Backer, Susanne | Project Leader for Circular Economy - Aarhus University Hospital
Barata Castro, Rita | Friendly Materials Manager, Architect - PMMT Forward Thinking Healthcare Architecture
Bolmstedt, Anders | Chemist - Region Västra Götaland
Brasfield, David | Environmental Manager - Sunnaas Rehabilitation Hospital Norway
Brask, Charlotta | Sustainability Director - Stockholm County Council
Buck, Johanna | Environmental Controller - Region Västra Götaland


Chapman, Linda | Charge Nurse Manager - Auckland District Health Board
Chase, Robert | Founder and President - NewGen Surgical
Clark, Will | Director of Environment & Transformation - Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust
Collins, Amy | Senior Clinical Advisor - Health Care Without Harm
Collins, Michael | Technical Director - Environmental Resources Management


De Boer, Eva | Project Manager - Erasmus MC
De Bree, Judith | Consultant - Stimular Foundation and Milieu Platform Zorgsector (Environment Platform for Healthcare)
De Geer, Kristina | Environmental Strategist - Region Skåne
De Graaff, Lonneke | Senior Researcher/Consultant - CE Delft 
Delimon, Tomas | External Environmental Coordinator - Envicas
Desimone, Andrea | Senior Manager, Purchaser Relations - Green Electronics Council
Devriese, Herman | Environmental Coordinator - UZ LeuvenDomanska, Dominika | Manager Sustainability - Johnson & Johnson


Eriksson, Daniel | Founder/Director - TEM/Nordic Center for Sustainable healthcare


Fernández Sanfrancisco, Omar | Manager of R&D Department - ATHISA GROUP


Graumans, Martien | PhD-Candidate – Radboudumc


Hofman-Caris, Roberta | Senior Scientist Water Technology - KWR Watercycle Research Institute
Huynen, Maud | Research Fellow - Maastricht University


Idhammad, Ahmed | Head of Sustainable Development Unit - CHU Marrakech
Isherwood, Jenny | Clinical Fellow - Royal College of Physicians


Janssen Daalen, Jules | Medical Student - Radboudumc
Jillissen, Marja | Senior Advisor Person, Centred Care - Radboudumc


Kramers, Cornelis | Internist Clinical Pharmacologist - Radboudumc


Leenders, Paul | Director - VitalFluid B.V.
Lenaerts, Luc | Senior Director Sustainability - Philips
Lilholt Sørensen, Birgitte | Staff Representative, Educational Coordinator, Associate Professor, Ph.D. - University of Southern Denmark
Lonaeus, Karin | Sustainability Strategist - Swedish National Secretariat Sustainable Public Procurement
Lukyanova, Natalya |  HIV and Health Programme Specialist - UNDP Ukraine


Meijerink, Jeroen | Chair Dept. of Operationrooms - Radboudumc
Miltenburger, Carolin | Owner and Principal - Miltenburger Consulting
Mitkidis, Katerina | Assistant professor - Aarhus University
Mollemen, Gerard | Manager Healthy Living - GGD


Pfaff, Matthias | Researcher - Fraunhofer ISI
Pierce, JM Tom | Cardiac Anaesthetist - University Hospital Southamptom
Protheroe, Aimee | Programme Manager - Royal College of Physicians


Raaijmakers, Arie 
Ragas, Ad | Associate Professor - Radboud University
Rasmussen, Naja Lynge | MA Architect - Copenhagen Children's Hospital
Ritchie, Neil | Lead, Green Health Leader's Initiative - Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care
Roschnik, Sonia | Director - Sustainable Development Unit (England)Rotaru, Dorin | Assistant Resident Representative, Head of Operations - UNDP Moldova


Scheepers, Paul | Associate Professor - Radboudumc
Schokking, Michiel | Pediatric Cardiologist - Radboudumc
Sherman, Jodi | Physician Anesthesiologist - Yale University Hospital
Shieh, Ted | Emergency Medicine Physician - DuPage Medical Group
Slaughter, Oliver | Sustainability Manager - Sussex Community NHS Foundation
Slutzman,  Jonathan|Instructor in Emergency Medicine - Massachusetts General Hospital / Harvard Medical School
Snape, Jason | Senior Principal Scientist - AstraZeneca
Sonnemans, Els | Strategic Energy Consultant - Radboudumc
Swinton, Frank | Consultant Anaesthetist - Airedale General Hospital


Teigset Solli, Grete | CSR Manager - Nowegian Hospital Procurement
Tensen, Sacha | Environmental Specialist - UMC Utrecht
Thorp, Nick | Network Director - Global Green and Healthy Hospitals project
Trulsen, Pia | Senior Advicer - Norwegian Hospital Procurement


Uijtewaal, Alfons | Director - Stichting Huize Aarde


Van den Berg, Anne Marie | Senior Purchaser & Advisor sustainable procurement - UMC Utrecht
Van der Loo, Fanny | Marketing Manager - Hill-Rom
Van der Putten, Alex | Head Purchasing and Supply Chain Management – Radboudumc
Van Engelen, Adriaan | Director - Milieu Platform Zorgsector (Environment Platform for Healthcare)
Van Heel, Liesbeth | Senior Policy Advisor and PhD Candidate - Erasmus MC
Vukelich, Daniel | President and CEO - Association of Medical Device Reprocessors


Wisse, Guus  - UMC Utrecht



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